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Carter Intralogistics
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CarterFlex MDR Expandable Conveyor

One Conveyor for a Variety of Applications


CarterFlex is the only conveyor on the market that provides the option of 3, 4, or 5-inch roller centers in a single solution. 

Expand to 64' & contract to 23'. The limit does not exist with CarterFlex™.


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About Carter Intralogistics

All Carter Intralogistics conveyor is manufactured in the U.S.


Carter Intralogistics - CarterFlex™ - Flexible Conveyor

CarterFlex™ 2 - 3 Week Lead Times

CarterFlex™ can expand from 23’ with 1.5” roller center to 64’ at 5” roller center, accomodating most conventional package sizes. It’s capable of stretching and bending to fit whatever space is available in your warehouse. This makes it the ideal conveyor solution for loading and unloading areas, distribution centers, and portable assembly lines.

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Carter Intralogistics - CarterMobile™ - MDR Mobile Conveyor

CarterMobile™ 2 - 3 Week Lead Times

CarterMobile™ runs on energy-efficient, quiet and safe 24VDC MDR conveyor that’s mounted on casters for quick and easy system reconfiguration

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Carter Intralogistics - CarterRoll™ MDR Conveyor

CarterRoll™ 5 - 6 Week Lead Times

Run-on-demand, zero pressure accumulation technology allows products to accumulate along the entire carrying surface without contact. This ensures your product reaches its destination undamaged and provides precise product control for merging and diverting

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Carter Intralogistics - MDR CarterSpiral™ - Spiral Conveyor


Run-on-demand, zero pressure accumulation technology allows product to accumulate along the entire carrying surface and eliminates contact between product. This ensures your product reaches its destination undamaged and provides precise product control for merging and diverting.

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Carter Intralogistics - Sortation and Transfer - MDR Conveyor

Sortation & Transfers

CarterRoll™ Conveyors are durable, reliable, and sized in various standard widths and lengths for floor or overhead mounting. Each zone only runs when needed to move product, thereby reserving power, reducing wear and tear, and limiting operational noise. Motorized power rollers are placed as needed along the conveyor equipment to assure the consistent movement, control, and orientation of even the heaviest product required.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Healthcare Products Manufacturer

Plant Manager

“Carter Intralogistics was very professional. They had the ability to do the project in a timely manner and met our deadlines while staying within budget.”

Distribution Company

General Manager

"Carter Intralogistics designed and implemented a system that made us much more efficient in managing our shipping and receiving processes. They took the time to understand our operations and developed a solution to address our issues.”

Global Technology Company

Senior Director of Operations

"Carter Intralogistics was able to design an incredibly efficient system using their 24v MDR technology that helped us improve operations from several perspectives. I am very pleased with the final product and the execution of this project.”


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