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Expandable conveyor


Get orders out the door with a conveyor that fits your needs. 


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Find out if CarterFlex™ is right for your operation. 

CarterFlex™ is a good fit for your operation if:  You may want to consider another conveyor type if: 
You need to move material 10.5 ft or more You only need to move material a short distance.
You have a budget of at least $11,000 You're working on a very tight budget, in which case contact us and one of our material handling experts will help find the right solution for you. 
You want to service multiple dock doors with a single conveyor solution. Your inbound inventory and outbound order volume isn't high enough to justify the cost of a conveyance technology. 
You have a busy peak season coming up and need a solution NOW to help get inventory in and orders out more efficiently.  You strictly sell swimsuits and your peak season is summertime. Still, consider ordering now so you're ready in time for next summer. 
You load or unload trucks on a daily basis and want a conveyor that can stretch all the way from the truck bay to your intake station or vice versa.  You ship and receive via carrier pigeons
You want to reduce fatigue and injuries to workers by shortening travel distances under heavy loads. Your employees are Superman clones and are not prone to injury or fatigue whatsoever. 
You have a crowded warehouse and need conveyor that can bend and stretch around obstacles.  Your warehouse is perfectly organized and nothing is ever in between your workers and truck bays. 


Frequently Asked Questions

CarterFlex™ is a flexible, mobile and expandable conveyance technology from Carter Intralogistics. It is mounted on heavy-duty casters for quick and easy reconfiguration and capable of bending and stretching to fit congested warehouse spaces. 

It is easy to set up and operate, ships in two weeks, won't break the bank and is the perfect quick and easy conveyor solution for small and mid sized warehouses and distribution center.

CarterFlex™ units start at $11,000. Pricing increases based on conveyor length and whether or not Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA) mode is requested. 

CarterFlex™ is shipped fully wired and ready for operation. The only installation requirement is a 120vDC power source.

Operating is extremely simple. Height and roller pitch are adjustable without the use of power tools.

Moving, bending and expanding a CarterFlex™ unit is a simple one-person job and as easy as moving a large roller cart. 

Roller Pitch, sometimes called pitch between rollers or pitch distance, refers to the distance between the center of the conveyor's rollers. The Roller Pitch measurement is important because it will effect what size package you can convey along the rollers' surface. The smaller the package, the smaller the Pitch you will need to use. 

Flexible Expandable MDR Conveyor 2

CarterFlex™ is available in 3", 4" and 5" Roller Pitches. Because CarterFlex™ is expandable, these Roller Pitches effect the maximum total length of the conveyor based on the pitch distance:

  • 3" pitch | 40 ft max distance | XX" minimum package width 
  • 4" pitch | 55 ft max distance | XX" minimum package width
  • 5" pitch | 70 ft max distance | XX" minimum package width

Yes.  Single units are available in lengths starting as 10 ½ ft and increase in 5 ft increments all the way up to 40 ½ ft at the minimum operable roller pitch (3"). 

Yes. With one single 120vDC power source, up to 3 CarterFlex™ units can be connected with no extra wiring or electrical requirements. Connecting CarterFlex™ units is as easy as plugging in an extension cord and effectively triples the available conveyance distance. 

Pitch Distance ultimately will effect the total distance a CarterFlex™ unit will cover. The following chart compares potential distances covered at different Pitch Distances and with multiple CarterFlex™ units being connected:

No. of Connected Units 3" Roller Pitch 4" Roller Pitch 5" Roller Pitch
1 40 ft 55 ft 70 ft
2 80 ft 105 ft 130 ft
3 120 ft 155 ft 190 ft


, but with 3 connected CarterFlex™ units, you can cover the following distances with each pitch distance:

  • 3" pitch = 120' total distance covered
  • 4" pitch = 155' total distance covered
  • 5" pitch = 190' total distance covered

Transportation mode simply moves material continuously and stops only when the start/stop button is pressed again. This is by far the most common use of CarterFlex™. 

Transportation Mode

Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA) mode, sometimes called Buffer mode, uses photo sensors to activate and deactivate separate roller zones so that product never comes into contact with each other along the length of the conveyor surface. ZPA is more common in permanent or semi-permanent conveyance systems such as CarterRoll™ and CarterMobile™, because they rely on buffering to ensure a smooth flow of material through the warehouse.

Accumulation Mode

Transportation mode CarterFlex™ units ship within two weeks of placing an order. ZPA mode units take a little longer.  Please contact us for exact updated delivery estimates on ZPA equipped CarterFlex™ units.

CarterFlex™ are shipped via freight with up to 3 units in one truck. 

Yes. Reconfiguring the roller pitch, height and speed of your CarterFlex™ units can be done very easily and without the use of power tools.

You can purchase directly from Carter or purchase through your integrator and/or distribution partner.

CarterFlex Highlight Reel

Operations Manager -
Toy & Game Manufacturer

"We've used CarterFlex™ every day to unload materials from inbound trucks, then later in that same day we'll just roll our CarterFlex™ around and take finished orders straight from our work stations into the back of our outbound trucks. It's helped us finalize and ship orders without so much travel time in between the doors and where we work."


Flexible & Mobile


Flexible Expandable MDR Conveyor 1


Carter Flex™ is mounted on casters and built to flex and bend around a crowded warehouse floor.

Quickly adjust the conveyor shape as floorspace availability changes — the perfect solution for loading and unloading areas, distribution centers, and portable assembly lines.




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Flexible Expandable MDR Conveyor 2


CarterFlex™ can expand from 23’ with 1.5” roller center to 64’ at 5” roller center, accommodating most conventional package sizes.

Carter Flex™ is designed for multiple units to easily interconnect. Power and controls can be bussed from one main control panel and 120VAC power supply to up to three other units. At maximum extension (5" roller center) this is over 180 feet of conveyance. 


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Flexible Expandable MDR Conveyor - Accumulation Mode


CarterFlex™ has two possible conveyance modes: Accumulating and Continuous. Standard units operate in continuous mode where the conveyor will simply continue running until turned off by the operator. Accumulating mode is an optional feature that allows the product to accumulate along the entire carrying surface without contact.



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