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Mobile & Flexible


CarterMobile™ Prewired and tested


Reconfigure your operation in minutes. CarterMobile™ is mounted on casters allowing for quick and easy system reconfiguration to match changes in demand.


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Modular & Scalable


CarterMobile™ Featured


All system components for CarterMobile™ are completely modular, including: Lift Gates, Curves, S-Curves, Herringbones, Skews, Diverts, Merges and more.


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Pre-Wired & Pre-Tested


CarterMobile™ Prewired and tested (1)


CarterMobile™ is shipped pre-tested and pre-wired. Installation is as easy as setting up a card table. All you have to do is unfold the legs, secure the supports, plug it in and just like that it’s ready to move product. 


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Carter Intralogistics - CarterMobile™ - MDR Mobile Conveyor

Manufactured by Carter Intralogistics

We pride ourselves in manufacturing our own conveyor. This helps us ensure competitive pricing and quick turn around times while guaranteeing top-notch equipment and quality support over the lifetime of the system.


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