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Elevate your material handling with CarterSpiral™



Merge & Divert
At Any Level


CarterSpiral™ Featured


Merges and diverts are configurable at any 45° of the Spiral’s curve, allowing product to move on and off the Spiral at multiple vertical levels and along multiple outbound directions. 


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Zero Pressure Accumulation


CarterSpiral™ Energy Efficient


Run-on-demand, zero pressure accumulation technology allows product to accumulate along the entire carrying surface without contact. This ensures your product reaches its destination undamaged and provides precise product control for merging and diverting.


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Weight Capacity


CarterSpiral™ Weight


Unlike other MDR Spirals on the market, CarterSpiral™ Conveyors are capable of conveying up to 75 lbs per linear foot, perfect for efficiently transporting heavier loads vertically.


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Carter Intralogistics - CarterSpiral - MDR Spiral™ Conveyor

Manufactured by Carter Intralogistics

We pride ourselves in manufacturing our own conveyor. This helps us ensure competitive pricing and quick turn around times while guaranteeing top-notch equipment and quality support over the lifetime of the system.


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