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Meet Carter Intralogistics

Learn more about who we are and how we support our customers in the material handling industry.

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CarterFlex™ Expandable, Flexible MDR Conveyor

CarterFlex™ is mounted on casters and built to flex and bend around a crowded warehouse floor.

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CarterMobile™ Mobile, MDR Conveyor

Reconfigure your warehouse in seconds. Our Modular Conveyor ships pre-wired. All you have to do is place it and plug it in.

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Read more about Carter Intralogistics through our datasheet catalog. 

MDR Conveyor - CarterRoll™

See how our MDR Conveyor can optimize your order fulfillment processes.

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Expandable, Flexible MDR Conveyor - CarterFlex™

CarterFlex™ can twist, bend and stretch to weave its way through even the most congested warehouse layouts.

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Mobile, MDR Conveyor - CarterMobile™

Need options? Our Modular Conveyor provides just that. Roll it in place, plug it in, and go to work.

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MDR Accumulating Spiral Conveyor - CarterSpiral™

Move from one level to the next seamlessly with our Spiral Conveyor.

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MDR Pallet Conveyor - CarterPallet™

Need to move larger items? Our Pallet Conveyor moves up to 4000 lbs. per zone.

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Automated Order Fulfillment Solution

Eliminate errors and increase throughput with our all-in-one order fulfillment solution

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Robotic Mixed Case Palletizing & Depallatizing

Our Robotic Mixed Case Palletizing solution gives you the flexibility to palletize multiple SKU's in one stable pallet.

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Case Studies

Learn more about Carter Intralogistics through our case study library.

Order Fulfillment Solution

Snap-on Tools is an American designer, manufacturer, and marketer of high-end tools and equipment for professional use in the automotive, heavy-duty, equipment, marine, aviation, railroad, and other transportation industries.

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Robotic Palletizing

Aladdin Temp-Rite designs manufacture and supplies complete meal-delivery systems, equipment, and tray top products such as dishware, beverageware, and designer tray covers to the healthcare foodservice industry

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Robotics Case study

Inergy, a division of Plastic Omnium, is the first to use extrusion blow molding to produce plastic fuel systems.

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Press Releases

At MODEX 2022 we debuted a few new and exciting things. See below for more details about our new products and updated branding. 

Rebrand to Carter Intralogistics

More Than Just a Conveyor Manufacturer, CCS Announces Major Rebrand to Carter Intralogistics  

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Carter debuts Parcel Conveyor at MODEX 2022

Carter Intralogistics is happy to officially announce the newest addition to its growing list of Conveyance Technologies: CarterParcel™. 

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Carter Intralogististics introduces Expandable Conveyor

CarterFlex™ is a flexible, expandable, and mobile MDR conveyor solution that can twist, bend, and stretch to weave its way through even the most congested warehouse layouts.

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