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Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS)

In all types of manufacturing and distribution centers, AS/RS aims to better manage inventory. An AS/RS can provide inventory management and tracking as well as flexibility to meet changing business needs. An AS/RS can also help reduce stock storage costs and greatly improve warehouse efficiency.

We use a range of different technologies, including:

Crane, Shuttle, Carrousel, Robotic platforms


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Automated Storage & Retrieval System

ASRS - Enhance Processes@4x

Enhance Processes

When large volumes of inventory are required in the manufacture or distribution process, automated storage and retrieval system (AS / RS) will prosper.

ASRS - Save Time and Money@4x

Save Time & Money

AS/RS delivers inventory in Real Time —eliminating physical stock review time and cost, thus enabling direct access to storage goods.

ASRS - Optimize Floor Space@4x

Optimize Floor space

Increase performance and efficiency allowing you to maximize your floor space and reduce building costs.

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