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Carter Intralogistics offers a full spectrum of robotics technologies in addition to our robotic palletizing and depalletizing applications to address a wide variety of storage, material handling and production needs. We will collaborate with you to identify the right robot framework and create the necessary equipment and controls to carry out the tasks.

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Robotics - Fullfilment Picking@4x

Fulfillment Picking

Quick, accurate capabilities for picking and placing will maximize your profit. New multi-axis, integrated vision robots offer versatility and increased payload capacity.

Robotics - Fullfilment Packing@4x

Fulfillment Packing

Higher product output results in efficient, accurate placement and shorter cycle times. A compact footprint allows for closer equipment spacing to maximize the space on your floor.

Robotics - Palletizing@4x


Quick box pattern changes, high up-time, and reliability are just a few of robot-based automation's main benefits. We offer handling capacities of up to 1102 lbs for higher payload requirements. CCS also offers a set of standard palletizing cells to satisfy nearly every need.

Robotics - Depalletizing@4x


Custom software can be configured to provide an endless array of options for delivering accurate, efficient and cost-effective solutions for any type of material handling. We have solutions ready to meet your palletizing and depalletizing needs from one in / one out all the way up to four in / four out.

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