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 Move heavier loads over longer distances on a single drive motor with our cost-effective transport conveyor




Modular & Scalable




All system components for CarterParcel™ are modular. This provides increased adaptability in system design and allows for adjustments to existing layouts — a critical feature in the new age of flexible warehouses.


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Versatile & Powerful




Common applications for CarterParcel™ include transporting:

Hard to convey products

Materials over long distances

Heavy loads over long distances

Through inclines and declines


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Full System Available




CarterParcel™ and our connected partner network feature a full suite of belted parcel conveyor options including: Straights, Inclines, Curves, Merges, Diverts, and Sortation systems.


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We Take A Different Approach


- We focus on companies starting and growing their automation journey whose importance is often overlooked by the “Big Players.” 

- We design and manufacture our own conveyor and products, giving us lead-time advantages; getting systems installed, and returning on their investment more quickly.  

- We have a preferred partner network to fill specialized niches for complete integration requirements.  

- We have full in-house capability ranging from R&D, Application Engineering, Systems Engineering, Project Management, Installation, and Aftermarket services.