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Pallets, Parcels, Products...We move it all

Carter Intralogistics provides a variety of solutions to handle both unit and case sortation requirements. Whether it's palletizing boxes, picking for fulfillment of an order, or separating batches for shipment, our sortation equipment can equip your supply chain with the tools it needs to increase throughput and reduce errors.

By analyzing the materials and goods you need sorted and the associated throughput requirements, we can help select the most cost effective system customized to address your needs.


Carter Intralogistics has been a leading provider of mail tote/tray sorters in the mail/parcel industry for many years.  Our proven designs and equipment are customized to meet the sortation requirements of mail trays.  We offer both a Low Cost and High Speed Tote/Tray Sorter.


Our Modular Sortation System utilizes a narrow belt sorter technology to address small and medium size box sortation. MSS is designed for the high speed sortation of boxes, cartons and totes.


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